We do everything ourselves-from planting to bottling. Afrikaans women never stop working.

About Us

Best friends and business partners Anina van Tonder and Helen Malan began to grow and bottle Rosella flowers as a way to earn a retirement income.
Anina discovered the gourmet delicacy by accident on a trip to see her daughter in Australia in 2010. On a ladies night out she was greeted by her hosts with beautiful rosella flowers in sparkling wine. After a three year search for the flowers back home, she found out they grow wild in KwaZulu-Natal. 
With the help of NGO Agribusiness in Sustainable Natural African Plant Products, Anina’s daughter brought 100g of seed from Australia in 2012 and the business, African Rosella Flowers was born.
Rosella flowers have a unique taste and texture. Sweeter than Rhubarb, but more sour than strawberry, their flower hints at lemon and sits on the tongue as smoothly as a ripe rasberry.
We are acutely concious of using farm techniques that protect the environment and limit the inpact of our crop on local biodiversity, sourcing minimal irrigation water from a local stream.